World Possible

Bridging the Digital Divide to Deliver Educational Opportunity

Our Issue

1 in 3 children worldwide lack access to a quality education. Many times, the students are in class, the teachers are there, but no one is learning. Without access to modern teaching tools, textbooks, and ideas, students also lack access to hope and opportunity.

Technology gives new opportunity to students, but 4.0 billion people lack access to the internet.

Our Solution

We are delivering a copy of the internet. An educational slice of free, "OER" (Open Educational Resources) content, packaged on low cost or old computer hardware, directly to communities that cannot afford or cannot reach the internet at all. We are building a digital library of the World's leading online educational resources for download and use offline: "RACHEL" (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning).

RACHEL Content Library

Our collection of downloadable educational content. Leveraging globally recognized OER content providers and locally curated publishers. Our content is always free to anyone.

RACHEL Hardware

Ready-to-go hardware, pre-installed with the most-used RACHEL content, to take all the hard work off your plate. One RACHEL can support a full classroom of digital learners.

RACHEL to a Guatemalan teacher (video)

RACHEL to a Kenyan Student (video)

RACHEL to a Prison Administrator (video)

Our Future

We are supporting in-country teams to grow our library of free offline content. We work locally to align existing content to local curriculum, source new locally relevant content, advocate for the use of technology in education, and support our regional partners.

Mundo Posible Guatemala

Israel Quic supported by Romeo Rodriguez, Juan Reanda and Joan Fuetsch.

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World Possible Kenya

Bonface Masaviru, supported by Anne Marie and Ed Resor

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World Possible Sierra Leone

Samuel Kamara and Samuel Momoh, supported by CAUSE Canada

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World Possible Ethiopia

In partnership with ETLearns, supported by Bill Graff

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World Possible US Justice

Inspired by the Oregon Youth Authority

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World Possible Namibia

Esra Kavetu, supported by Mary Altier and John Walker

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