World Possible

The intersection of community, technology, and education for offline populations

Social Entrepreneurs

Exceptional social entrepreneurs build sustainable, community-based chapters, to promote local ownership and improve educational outcomes for youth.

RACHEL Technology

World Possible made RACHEL for bringing educational web content to offline communities. Our social entrepreneurs use and give feedback to improve RACHEL's effectiveness.

Educational Outcomes

Local ownership, flexible technology, and low-cost solutions to bring opportunity into the classroom. RACHEL users obtain digital literacy skills, while gaining access to world-class educational resources.

Case Study

Partner Intel has released a case study observing the positive outcomes of RACHEL technology in offline classrooms.

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Chapter Program

World Possible's two-and-a-half year program brings structure and support to build self-sustaining country-specific chapters impacting local communitites.

Mundo Posible Guatemala

Israel Quic supported by Romeo Rodriguez, Juan Reanda and Joan Fuetsch.

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World Possible East Africa

Bonface Masaviru, supported by Anne Marie and Ed Resor

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World Possible Sierra Leone

Samuel Kamara and Samuel Momoh, supported by CAUSE Canada

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Hunger for Education

A short film by Mundo Posible Guatemala

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World Possible US Justice

Inspired by the Oregon Youth Authority

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