East Africa

Field Work and Partners in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania

Bonface Masaviru / Country Director Kenya

Bonface Masaviru is a Cisco Network Engineer, who learned that without the help of online video he would have never passed his Cisco exams. He's touched by RACHEL's potential to add value to education. He runs our distribution in Kenya while raising two boys.

Partner Organizations

Powering Potential

Powering Potential / Tanzania

Powering Potential designs and implements Educating-Through-Technology programs for secondary schools in rural Tanzania using solar-powered Raspberry Pi computers loaded with the RACHEL offline digital library and provides basic technology training. They have installed RACHEL at dozens of schools across Tanzania, including 16 schools in Zanzibar with the Pi-oneer system using solar powered projectors, and at the request of the Tanzanian government submitted a proposal to implement their Computer Lab program at 54 schools across the country. They have caring and committed support from the Tanzanian government.


UConnect / Uganda

UConnect strives to enhance the acquisition and sharing of knowledge by students and teachers in Uganda through e-learning technologies. (BBC news) UConnect has helped distribute RACHEL to over 300 schools in Uganda since 2008. Jed and Lisa Stern have advocated RACHEL use across East Africa through Mobile Mondays and regional tech conferences.

Hackers for Charity

Hackers for Charity / Uganda

Hackers For Charity is about stepping into the gap to feed and educate the worlds most vulnerable citizens. Johnny Long based in Uganda and Sam Kinch in the U.S. are critical contributors to RACHEL and its distribution in East Africa. Read more about their work in education technology.

Crossroads Springs Africa

Crossroads Springs Africa / Kenya

Crossroads Springs Africa is for children in Kenya who have lost one or both parents. The group, in Hamisi, Kenya now educates and cares for over 340 children by providing an education and brighter future.

Hifadhi Africa

Hifadhi Africa / Kenya

Hifadhi Africa Organization is a fully registered Kenyan based NGO that aims at offering sustainable equal educational opportunities mainly through the provision of scholarships supported by mentorship and enhancement of educational facilities. (Forbes Article)

Asante Africa

Asante Africa Foundation / Kenya

Asante Africa Foundation believes in the power of knowledge as a catalyst to help young people create a future where they can live their potential. We know that enriched minds collectively create better solutions to whatever challenges their communities face.Through a partnership with Asante africa schools in Samburu County have benefitted from Rachel installations.

Vodafone Foundation

VodaFone Foundation / Kenya

Through the Instant Schools Network VodaFone Foundation has provided access to Education thousands of disavantaged students in refugee camps in Daadab and Kakuma.Rachel Server is an integral part of the Instant Classrooms created by VodaFone Foundation.

Seavuria Schools

Seavuria Schools / Kenya

SeaVuria is a dedicated to connecting students and teachers across the globe, striving to create global awareness and sustainable partnerships.Through its network of Schools in Taita Taveta County Several schools have now access to Rachel server through Rachel Pi.

From the Field

Resources, Updates, and Help for Your Work in East Africa

Shamba (Farming) Content

A supplemental package of rural farming resources, with a particular focus on Kenya (includes some Swahili content).

One-Page RACHEL Overview

A clean one-page printout that highlights RACHEL features and World Possible work (marketing document).

Free License To Distribute

In some countries, partners have reported hesitation that RACHEL is really free to use. This document is from World Possible and may help calm those fears.

User Manual - 64GB RACHEL Pi

Kristan Bakker has put together a brief user guide focused on RACHEL-Pi (64GB w/ KA-Lite)


Guide to download and setup RACHEL content via a USB/ SD Card/ or External Hard Drive.

World Possible Long Presentation

World Possible's main introductory presentation on RACHEL and field work.

RACHEL 64GB Core Package

Preview the full content selection of RACHEL 64GB. This package of content is free to install on any device. Compatible with almost any hardware that has 64GB of storage or external storage available.

RACHEL Pi Basic Setup

A basic guide to plugging in the RACHEL-Pi unit