The RACHEL Server on a Raspberry Pi

A Plug and Play solution to run a RACHEL server from a green, low-power, small Raspberry Pi computer.


EASY: Just download the RACHEL-Pi card image, burn it to a 32 GB SD card, plug the SD card in your Raspberry Pi, and you are all set. The SD card includes the operating system, a web server, a database, a search engine and the RACHEL educational content, all preconfigured and ready to run.

Plug the compact RACHEL-Pi server to a local network (like in a school or community center), or to a small wireless router, and any device (PCs, Macs, laptops, iPads, iPhones, Android tables & phones, etc. ) that can connect to the network (wirelessly or wired) will be browsing and playing the RACHEL content in no time.

You can even use the same RACHEL-Pi itself to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot! All details and step by step guide in the How-To page


This latest version includes numerous content updates, like the latest Medical publications from Hesperian, the newest K-12 Textbooks from, and a new "Khan Academy on a Stick" version, beautifully organized from the ground up in a very user friendly format, and with mp4 encoded videos (H.264 + AAC) that guarantee that they will play not just in modern HTML5 browsers but also on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Androids. No Flash required.

And releasing also full text search of the whole RACHEL repository, with a new and fast search engine, already pre-indexed and loaded in the server which makes search queries fly.

And all this running from a computer that fits in the palm of your hand

See a full working version of 64GB english online here, with the same content you have in a RACHEL server deployed where there is no Internet access. Useful to visualize the content of RACHEL.


What is RACHEL?

RACHEL (Remote Areas Community Hotspots for Education and Learning) is a World Possible initiative to leverage the large volume of open and free educational courseware and libraries available online and make them available to Emerging Countries schools and communities with no Internet access or very limited bandwidth. The RACHEL Initiative has made possible that offline educational servers could be deployed by World Possible and large number of NGOs all around the world.

Why would people need a "RACHEL-Pi" (RACHEL Server on a Pi)?

  • A large amount of rich educational content and open courseware is available online, in thousands of web sites, and are available for free to anyone, anywhere; as long as you have an active Internet connection.
  • Unfortunately in the world there are still large number of regions and communities with no Internet access at all, or in many other cases if they have Internet connectivity the available bandwidth is unusable for most practical purposes, much less to watch videos or rich media lectures or textbooks.
  • Or Internet connectivity is too expensive.
  • Or a school or community has good Internet connectivity but for some reason access to many web sites is blocked, like YouTube, where video lectures of multiple colleges and organizations are hosted.
  • This Raspberry Pi hardware and this RACHEL-Pi server distribution provides a very affordable, very compact, low-power server platform, which is very convenient to transport, ship, setup and maintain on on-the-ground deployments.

What type of content is on a "RACHEL-Pi" distribution?

  • An offline self-contained very comprehensive and curated Wikipedia Encyclopedia.
  • Thousands of Khan Academy video lectures on Math and Science from .
  • More than 3,000 eBooks, organized by bookshelves, from Project Gutenberg.
  • Full Medical Encyclopedia, MedlinePlus, from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.
  • The latest Medical publications and Health Guides from Hesperian.
  • The OLPC Collections form the OLPC project.
  • Teachers resources from the UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa
  • And much more...
  • You can see a live online sample of a RACHEL server content at

How do I get and use RACHEL-Pi?

Very easily. Just follow the instructions and step by step examples in the HOW-TO page.

Is this offline RACHEL distribution under any license?

Yes. Please read the details in the About page.