Jeremy Schwartz

Executive Director

Jeremy serves as Executive Director for World Possible, providing vision and guidance to the organization's efforts. Before joining World Possible, Jeremy specialized in disruptive technology investing at Norwest Venture Partners. He led World Possible's early RACHEL deployment efforts to Sierra Leone in 2009.

Nicole Comforto

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Nicole coordinates with donors, volunteers, country chapters and other partners to increase our impact. She previously worked in international education and literacy at Library For All and UNESCO, and has an M.A. in Cultural Studies from Columbia University.

Jonathan Field

VP of Technology

Jonathan leads RACHEL development and content curation. He spends several months each year installing and teaching technology at schools in South Africa. Jonathan previously worked at Microsoft and as Director of Development at

Romeo Rodríguez

Executive Director

Romeo joined Mundo Posible in January 2017. He oversees and plans the efforts to reach out to schools in rural communities. He also searches and maintains communications with supporters. Before joining he implemented education and health projects in Uganda and Ethiopia.

Israel Quic

Country Director

Israel Quic, native of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is a passionate community leader with over 10 years experience building the Riecken Community Libraries. His ICT4D work was featured in a video by Facebook.

Juan Reanda Pacach

Technology Facilitator

100% indigenous from the Tz'utujil Mayan tribe, Juan started working for Mundo Posible in 2015 as Technology Facilitator, deploying RACHEL, monitoring its use and training teachers. He is passionate about technology and is currently studying IT.

Frank Martin

US Justice Director
US Justice

Frank is the lead Justice Education Consultant for World Possible. Frank was an early advocate of bringing open education resources to correctional facilities during his work with the Oregon Youth Authority.

Jack Davis

& Marketing Manager

Jack manages communications and fundraising for ET Learns, World Possible's Ethiopian chapter. Currently a student at Brigham Young University, Jack studies economics and international strategy and diplomacy.

Ashenafi Kebede

Country Director

In addition to serving as Country Director for World Possible Ethiopia/ET learns, Ashenafi is also a lecturer at Wolaita Sodo University's computer science department.

Bonface Masaviru

Country Director

Bonface is a Cisco Network Engineer, who believes that without the help of online video he would have never passed his Cisco exams. He's touched by RACHEL's potential to add value to education. He runs our distribution in Kenya while raising two boys.

Esra Kavetu

Country Director

Esra is a pre-med student in Namibia with a passion for education technology. Esra joined World Possible in 2013 to serve as our in-country liaison for Namibia, helping spread RACHEL technology throughout his community.

Samuel Momoh

Country Director
Sierra Leone

Samuel has a diplomas in Software, Hardware and Networking, and a Bachelors in Information Communication Technology from the University of Sierra Leone Ipam. He worked in publishing and property management before joining World Possible as our Sierra Leone Country Director in partnership with CAUSE Canada.

Board of Directors

Norberto Mujica

Board Member
RACHEL Creator

Norberto is a Senior Engineer with Cisco Systems in San Jose, CA. Norberto co-founded World Possible in 2009 and developed the original RACHEL product in English and Spanish.

John Walker

Board Member
RACHEL Content

John is retired veteran of Cisco Systems. While at Cisco, John taught C programming to software engineers. John began volunteering with World Possible in 2009 and leads our RACHEL content packages.

Joan Fuetsch

Board Member
Director Latin America

Joan leads World Possible's efforts in Latin America and RACHEL Espanol distribution. Her commitment to development in Guatemala and Honduras is unrivalled, as is her passion for making a personal impact.

Ed Resor

Board Member
Director East Africa

Ed first went to South Sudan in 1974 as a Peace Corps volunteer, then joined McKinsey & Co. for 5 years in their communications practice before returning to Sudan as Country Director for Save the Children. Since 1990 he has worked as a telecom entrepreneur and volunteer in Eritrea, Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, the DRC, Haiti, and Bangladesh. His main focus now is on deploying technology in rural Africa and peace building.

Pranav Rastogi

Board Member

Pranav is a co-founder of numerous organizations, including World Possible. In 2008, Pranav helped lay the foundation for what has grown into World Possible today.

Advisory Board

Jim Miller

Advisory Board

Jim is Board Chair for the International Leadership Academy of Ethiopia, a private high school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is a professional consultant in the international and US information and communication technology sector. Jim has championed affordable and accessible technological infrastructure development for education in emerging economies and markets. He is a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

World Chapters

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