Words of Thanks from the Field

"Probably my all-time favorite is the RACHEL project, which bundles a bunch of free educational and utility content (Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg etc.) onto an SD card and serves it via WiFi to people in the developing world who are beyond the current reach of the internet. It's easy to say that Project Loon, or internet.org, or simply the steady roll-out of conventional broadband access will make it obsolete in the near future, but these things always take longer than we imagine.
In the meantime, World Possible are bringing some of the benefits of the internet to people who might otherwise still be waiting in 2040. Go donate!"

- Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi Founder and CEO

“We started working at 5 surrounding high schools...In each of the schools, workshops on how RACHEL works were done with the heads and the other school heads of departments...The kids love the RACHEL...We see the project as an answer to the problem of so many remote African schools having no or only limited numbers of textbooks (or other resources).”
- Tom in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

“EBEN UPTON’S COMMENT ‘THAT THE INTERNET AT BROADBAND LEVELS’ TAKES LONGER THAN ONE WOULD THINK, IS RIGHT ON! The Seacom Cable landed in July 2009 at the major ports on the east coast of Africa. It has yet to reach our school in Rwanda, much less the Congo. When it arrives it will also be cost prohibitive for students and teachers or rural families to view numerous videos or read books at broadband speeds for many years. RACHEL will have a role for decades to come.”
- Mike and Penny Herlihy

“I took 8 USBs and one RACHEL Plus to Cameroon and presented them to a few schools, country ambassadors and a minister of youth. Everyone loved RACHEL and everyone wants one for their own use and classrooms!”
- Eileen Brewer

“It was a HUGE success being able to do a full day (8 hrs) of testing in remote schools without having to drag along generators, and we just recharged the RACHEL and our 31 netbook laptops overnight and were ready for the next day...We couldn’t have pulled this off without the RACHEL Plus acting as a test database server.”
- Leon Amstutz, Manager of Ambassador Enterprises’ Innovative Education Technology Program

“You folks really nailed it with this device...well, it's the content that blows me away.”
- Bob Rollins, Redwood Learning

“This little project of yours is changing the world, one school, one child at a time.”
- Rob James, Supporter in Kenya

“Jeremy, I am so PROUD of what you and World Possible are doing. You are one of my heroes. You have enriched the lives of so many in the community where I work not to mention all around the world; and your work is expanding ever onward and outward. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!”
- Kathleen Ismail, Founder of the Ghana Scholarship Fund, Inc

“Thanks Jeremy; your long efforts are bearing fruit, I know, in lots of places around the world. What you and World Possible have accomplished is very very nice!”
- Rob Sullivan, Rafiki Foundation

“I am very thankful and grateful for all that you are doing for students and teachers alike.”
- Ayana Mustapha Salifu, User in Ghana

“The Rachel Plus. What a beautiful device and install. The teachers are getting something beyond what they could possibly imagine.”
- Roger Wu

“Thanks for all of your help, Jeremy. I am sooooo excited about the RACHEL here in my facility. I serve the 5th largest detention center...The school has been backsliding for years, reducing student work to geography, word searches, and coloring books. When I came on last year I took over the curriculum and have been driving to meet district standards ever since. I am glad to know there is so much offline functionality with the chromebook. Thanks for all of your help.”
- Anonymous