The Vision

Engaging local skills and talent

The world today has more access to educational resources than ever before. Despite this, the world's most challenged communities still face enormous difficulty in making use of these tools.

Technological solutions are plentiful, but are only half the picture: tools are only useful in the hands of those who know how to use them. Fundamentally the solution must be human.

Through our social entrepreneur program, World Possible provides direct, ongoing support to exceptional individuals in challenged communities. We connect with people who want to build and maintain learning centers for themselves and their neighbors. We give them the tools, but perhaps more importantly, the funding and guidance to make this happen.

In return, they give us ongoing feedback on the impact of our tools and programs. This is probably the most often overlooked, yet most important part of the process.

Executive Director

Three-minute world possible intro

Executive Director Jeremy Schwartz gives a quick video introduction to World Possible.

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