RACHEL-Corrections 3.0

$ 749.00

 A Remote Area Community Hotspot for Educational and Learning. Connecting Offline Learners in Prisons to the World's Knowledge.

This package of content is customized to remove 'objectionable' content, such as prohibited reading materials, medical content, Wikipedia content and more. Want the full RACHEL with uncensored content? click here.

Preview RACHEL-Corrections Content Here (An online copy of RACHEL's offline content)

This device hosts copies of websites, there is no internet used, required, or available. This is NOT a router with a filter, this device hosts old copies of websites directly on the device. You can also add your own content.

Overview of RACHEL-Plus (Watch This First):

Enhanced features include:

  • Up to 20-50 simultaneous users* -- Users need a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer to connect to RACHEL (wired or wireless OK)
  • 500GB of available storage (~250GB is pre-loaded by us)
  • This device does not come with a battery, we will include it free if you need a battery
  • Extended WiFi range
  • Password protected teacher portal to easily upload PDFs, Movies, and other files

* 50 users with mixed-media usage, up to 20 simultaneous video streams

Battery Option

This is not an industrial-grade device and should not be used in fixed infrastructure settings (ie. do not leave the device plugged into constant power 24 hours a day / 7 days a week). We remove the internal battery when selling to prisons, if you would like the battery, please let us know.

Helpful supporting documents:

    RACHEL-Corrections Support:

    • We offer ongoing support for all users exclusively through our forums