$ 3,000.00

Some deployments, especially those in universities or correctional facilities require a greater number of simultaneous or concurrent users. The hardware in RACHEL-Pro is much more powerful than a RACHEL-Plus and allows for up to 100 or 500 simultaneous users.

RACHEL-Pro does not have its own wireless signal and does not have a battery inside it.  This means that it must be connected to good, solid power. This also means that users must either wire directly into RACHEL-Pro via ethernet cable, or you must add RACHEL-Pro to a new wireless router or existing network.

For student management, RACHEL-Pro offers offline Canvas. Running Canvas offline has limitations. You must recreate student profiles, teacher profiles, and classes. Within any Canvas course, if there are links to other parts of the internet, those links will now work. Any links to other parts of RACHEL content will be accessible.