If we prepare inmates, and I prefer the term ‘students,’ for re-entry by equipping them with appropriate digital skills, access to education, and career content, we are going to reduce recidivism and unlock the potential that is in each of these returning citizens.
— Frank Martin, World Possible

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RACHEL was originally created for developing countries, but in the past few years we've discovered a surprising demand for RACHEL in U.S. prisons. Across the country, innovative prison education programs are using RACHEL to give their students access to courses and research material, without the hazards and distractions of full internet. 

The World Possible U.S. Justice chapter curates relevant content and supports installations at youth correctional facilities and adult prisons. Currently, RACHEL is used by prisons in 14 states including Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin and New York.

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RACHEL for U.S. Justice has a wealth of courses and research materials, mostly aimed at high school, college and vocational students. In addition, RACHEL for U.S. Justice features FairShake Reentry Resources with information and support for incarcerated individuals, plus a curated version of Wikipedia that meets the requirements of U.S. prisons. You can preview all content currently available on RACHEL for U.S. Justice here.

In 2018, RACHEL for U.S. Justice embarked on an international effort being invited by the International Development Bank to talk about work. Watch Frank here.

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Frank Martin

Frank leads World Possible's U.S. Justice Chapter. Frank was an early advocate for bringing Open Educational Resources and Creative Commons-licensed technologies to correctional facilities during his work with the Oregon Youth Authority. 


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