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RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning) is a portable, battery-powered, device that contains copies of educational websites in offline format. This means RACHEL can go anywhere in the world and wirelessly deliver free digital educational content to nearby tablets, laptops, or smartphones with no internet or data plans required. RACHEL has been taken to over 53 countries since its creation, serving students in rural villages, townships, and even prisons.

RACHEL-Plus Overview

An overview of the RACHEL Plus device offering offline access to some of the world's best content without the need for internet.

RACHEL Features

Simple to Deploy

RACHEL contains everything you need to bring a digital library of
content to any offline community. Just turn RACHEL on and connect any
tablet, laptop or smartphone to RACHEL's WiFi signal.

Quick Start Guide

Customizable Content

Not only can you choose from nearly 100 website copies from the RACHEL
Content Library, RACHEL also contains an easy to use portal for loading
your own videos, audio files, PDFs, or HTML content.

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Teacher Training Guides

World Possible has authored teacher and facilitator training guides.
These guides can help guide new users of RACHEL on how to increase
adoption of the tool in classrooms.

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Impact Reports

In Sierra Leone, students who used RACHEL for just four months (32
hours) increased their English literacy test scores by 67% more than
those without RACHEL.

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Ask a Question

The concept of RACHEL can be confusing and overwhelming, but deploying RACHEL should not be. We, and a global volunteer community, are here to help!

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DataPost Map

RACHEL Content Library

RACHEL comes pre-loaded with copies of leading educational websites as those websites existed when World Possible last made a copy of them. We also incorporate other offline content producers, such as Kiwix and Learning Equality (creators of KA-Lite and Kolibri) so you can deploy with all the best content available offline and none of the technical headache to get started. You can view and download our content library by clicking the link below.

View Content Library and Instructions

DataPost - RACHEL Usage Data

After many years deploying RACHEL, we realized the most important thing we can bring back from our beneficiary communities is data. DataPost allows anyone with an android phone to pick up usage logs from RACHEL devices and seemlessly deliver those logs back to World Possible whenever the android phone has Internet or data connectivity. below.

DataPost Pilot Information

RACHEL in Prisons and Jails

Do you work in a prison or jail that does not allow internet access? RACHEL provides a fully offline solution to deliver educational content. Correctional facilities have more restrictions and greater needs (such as secure laptops, access to Canvas, support for hundreds of users, and content censorship) than our international deployments and we support this work more directly with each agency, nonprofit, or college.below.

Our Work in Corrections

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RACHEL is an amazing tool, especially for kids in rural and isolated areas. Our preliminary trials are showing huge leaps in understanding in the kids and continued enthusiasm for attending classes - even at the 10th week.

– Wanda Bedard, 60 million girls

Probably my all-time favorite is RACHEL, which bundles free educational and utility content (Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, etc.) and serves it via WiFi to people who are beyond the current reach of the internet.

– Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi Founder and CEO

This is a game changer! We used to build out our student labs with heavy servers and thin client technology. It was complex and expensive to purchase the software licences and hardware. With RACHEL, we can setup computer labs quickly, easily explain it, and it is much more affordable.

– Michael Baas, Children of the Nations

Thank you so much for this amazing product and educational resource. It is perfect for our needs and there is nothing else like it in the market. It is beyond belief because I didn't even know such a product existed - a wireless, battery-powered, mini-server fully loaded with valuable educational content and excellent value! Thank you so much.

– Adele Pucci, Transformational Initiatives

I'm so happy to have purchased this RACHEL-Plus to use on the West African university campus where I work. Our library has almost no resources younger than 30 years old, so this new virtual library will make a big difference for us - both for the undergraduates and for the
many high-school students whom they tutor.

– Stephen Ney, Global Scholars

Thank you to our friends and families, as well as, the Foundations that have supported this work