RACHEL-Pi 3 Released!

RACHEL-Pi 3 Released!

We are thrilled to release RACHEL-Pi 3 based on the new Raspberry Pi 3 hardware.  

Our English, Spanish, and French packages have all been updated for Raspberry Pi 3 compatibility, as well as massive updates to content in all three packages.

The free image files are available for download at rachelfriends.org (beginning May 10th)

These devices are built from free script at our open-source GitHub - RACHEL Project

Devices ordered through us now only use Raspberry Pi produced parts, the official case and charger, which comes with power adapters for worldwide use


Feb 04, 2017 • Posted by Tim

Is there a way to load Rachel onto a WD Pidrive for RaspberryPi? My idea is to create a RachelPi (Plus) with more complete content as a the Rachel Plus. it would allow the boot-up to be on the SD but all the content would be on the hard drive as you would using the NOOBs that cone with the WD Pidrive.

It would be great to combine the two efforts of Raspberry pi and WD Pidrives.

Thank you for you consideration,

Jun 11, 2016 • Posted by Jeremy schwartz

Hi Michael – good catch! We do still offer RACHEL-Plus with the Intent Content Access Point. I worded that post poorly. For Raspberry Pi based RACHELs, we now source only those parts from the Raspberry Pi Foundation (we used to get cases, WiFi dongles, and power supplies from 3rd party producers).

Jun 08, 2016 • Posted by Michael Doman

“Devices ordered through us now only use Raspberry Pi produced parts”

Does this mean you are no longer selling the Intel Education Content Access Point versions?

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